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About a month ago, I began using Primally Pure's Cleansing Oil and Toner in an effort to transition my personal skincare to a more natural (and hopefully, effective) alternative. Before I commented on the quality of the purchase, I wanted to test out the product for at least a month to make sure the product really worked for my skin.

I first found out about Primally Pure from Jenna Kutcher and her sharing her experience with the company. I purchase the Lavender Skin Toner and the Oil Cleaner in the Normal Skin Tone and began to give it a try.

My initial thoughts we're unsure of the Oil Cleanser, I have never used oil to clean my skin and thought for sure that the product would give me some terrible breakouts...and it did. About three days into oil cleansing, I began to get terrible breakouts all over my face, I initially wanted to just quit and go back to my typical chemical filled cleanser, but I decided to stick through it.

Now, a month later, I am experiencing little to no breakouts and my skin feels as soft as a babies bottom. My complexion is better than ever and my makeup applies easily and smoothly because my skin is well moisturized through the cleanser. Both the cleanser and the toner smell amazing and my skin truly feels cleaner and healthier than ever. The best part is that Primally Pure products are all natural and have no harsh chemicals and additives.

If you are currently on the hunt for quality products and a change to your skincare routine, I would highly recommend looking at Primally Pure. There products are affordable and high quality!

Oh and did I mention? I found a coupon code for you for $10 off your purchase!

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