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Hello Lovelies!

A lot has changed and life has quickly turned into a crazy whirlwind. I am now Greyson Taylor Lohrey and living in a new town called Fredericksburg, Virginia. My husband and I love it here and have found the people to be fantastic. And there is the cutest little downtown area! Married life has treated us so well so far and we are so excited to begin exploring this new chapter of our life.

After interviewing and being offered four different designer positions, I have been working as a Design Consultant for Ethan Allen in Fredericksburg for two weeks now and just in two weeks, I have learned more about design and Ethan Allen than I could have imagined. I am already helping with large scope designs and creating floor plans that best suit clients needs. I have created two designs so far being an employee for Ethan Allen, which are being featured in this blog post, all of the designs feature only Ethan Allen products.

Keep following as I continue to write about my experiences with Ethan Allen and being a new designer in a new town! Please visit my instagram @designergrey as I continue to post about this crazy new chapter of life, Wish me luck!


Greyson Lohrey

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