All Natural Easter Egg Recipe

Hello Loves,

Happy (Almost) Easter loves!

Today, I am sharing with y'all some fabulous ideas for natural and safe ways to dye your Easter Eggs this season! Perfect for getting the little ones involved! I hope y'all enjoy this simple and easy recipe and don't forget to tag me @designergrey on Instagram with your finished Easter Eggs!


2 Cups Water

Food Coloring Agent (Chopped)

1 Tsp White Vinegar

1 Dozen Boiled Eggs

Step 1:

Boil a dozen eggs and let cool. Before naturally dyeing, you may want to utilize wax to make a fun design on your egg!

Step 2:

Put your coloring food into a small pot with 2 cups water and bring to a boil.

Step 3:

Cover, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 10 minutes. Keep in mind the longer you leave your egg in the dye the bolder and brighter the color will be - make sure to check your egg continually to keep from over dyeing.

Step 4:

Strain out any water stir egg in vinegar. Set aside to let cool and then use for the best Easter Egg Hunt Ever! :-)

Coloring Agent Ideas:

Yellow — Lemon, orange peels, or turmeric

Orange — Paprika, cumin, chili powder

Red/Pink — Cranberries, raspberries or radishes

Blue — Red cabbage or blackberries

Lavender - Red grape juice

Green — Spinach

Brown/Beige — Coffee

Oh how I hope you guys enjoy this fun recipe from Whole Foods!



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