I'm Back Friends!

Hello Friends!

Wow! Let me first just start by saying, I apologize for falling off the face of the blog... Some crazy things have happened and I plan to share it all, but first I would love to invite you to check out my Instagram for the in's and out's of my design journey! That is where you will get the day in and day out of #designergrey!

So a little life update...

I am now the design/selection coordinator for the fabulous J. Hall Homes, Inc located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have been with this company for three months now and I love every second of it! Jeff Hall, the owner of J. Hall Homes, is so very talented and I just love learning all about how he is committed to building energy efficient, YET STUNNING homes. And now that I am the selection coordinator I get to assist in designing these gorgeous homes! (what a dream opportunity!)

My husband and I have also been in our sweet home ONE YEAR TODAY (cue the happy dance!). We have really made this little place our home and check out some sweet photos below. We DIY ship-lapped our living room (see below) and we have quite a few more DIY's planned to come so stay tuned :-)

us at closing!

Oliver has also been with us almost a year and he has transformed into this sassy, yet oh so sweet little pup! We are so glad we found him and brought him into our lives! Check out some sweet pictures below of our little family!

& last but not least, Steven and I are happier than ever in this sweet little town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Lord has blessed us so faithfully and we will continue to serve him with our all. Well, I hope you enjoyed that little update & kindly, subscribe for more updates & design tips and tricks!

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a flower crown workshop i hosted!

my 21st birthday!


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