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Hey there friends!

If you we're following along via stories @DesignerGrey, then you got to see the crazy closet organization that took place! We we're in LOVE with the final look of our closet and today I am sharing the amazing products that helped us make it look so good!

This post is part of a Three Part Series #GetOrganizedwithGrey so enjoy heading over to the hashtag and enjoying the other posts!

This week we are talking about my favorite organization tools for your...


White Storage Organizers

  • These guys are super affordable, but look great when you pop in a patterned basket! They offer a ton of storage for sweaters, shoes, etc!

Shop Here

A Cute (& Cheap) Shoe Rack

  • I shared this one during my walkthrough on the stories, but wowza, it offers so much shoe storage and the mesh makes sure your shoes don't fall through! I always hate when I move my shoe rack & all my shoes go tumbling!

Shop Here

Velvet Clothes Hangers

  • I do not believe in those awful plastic hangers - they are the WORST! These sleek velvet hangers make sure that your clothes don't slip off the rack & I believe that I can even fit more clothes with them!

Shop Here

Patterned Storage Baskets

  • I used Blue & White printed storage baskets from the most magical place on Earth... Target! They have a great selection with multiple styles, but the blue ones we're a fave!

For Blue Ones Shop Here

For Gray Ones Shop Here

A Scarf/Tie Holder

  • This guy is a game changer! I have way too many scarves (& Steven ties) so I needed a cleaver way to get them all organized!

Shop Here

Quick Tip!

Make sure to color coordinate your clothing to be able to best see what all you have to wear in the morning! If you want to get even crazier, separate sweaters, cardigans, dresses, & pants from each other - then color coordinate!

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