Get Organized with Grey - Bathroom Edition

Hey there friends!

Today, we are chatting about all things Bathroom Organization! I personally don't have a ton of storage in my Master Bathroom, so I am going to share my favorite tools to get your Bathroom organized!

This post is part of a Three Part Series #GetOrganizedwithGrey so enjoy heading over to the hashtag and enjoying the other posts!

This week we are talking about my favorite organization tools for your...


Transfer Soap to Glass Bottles

  • This is such a simple was to declutter & make your Bathroom counters look a bit nicer! Also, you can save money buy buying hand soap in bulk & transferring it to the glass bottle!

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Under Counter Storage Solutions

  • My bathroom vanity has NO drawers! It is such a struggle finding space for my bathroom products with door storage. I highly recommend these under counter storage drawers to give you a specific place to put all the things.

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Command Hooks for Towels

  • These little guys are truly lifesavers! I hang them in my bathroom to give me towel storage solutions! You can place them on the back of your door or right next to the shower for easy access!

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Labeled Glass Jars

  • These are super cute (especially with the labels) and I use them for simple storage of my cotton balls, q-tips, and makeup removing pads. They are a great way to organize and better utilize your countertop.

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Floating Shelves

  • This makes for a beautiful decor item while also serving as a storage solution (talk about killing two birds with one stone!) They often fit perfectly right above your toilet space!

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That's all friends - make sure to read the rest of the #GetOrganizedwithGrey Series!


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