Why You Should Bother with Essential Oils!

Hello Sweet Friends!

Lemme preface this one by saying...I am not a representative for any essential oil companies - I am just a gal that looovvveeesss essential oils and truly believes that they can help you achieve a happier and healthier life.

First off, if you are sitting there like"I don't even know what Essential Oils are?!?" - Well the definition of an Essential Oils is an oil compounds extracted from plants or the "essence" of the plant. They hold the characteristics of the plant and can be diffused in water or even ingested (I only recommend ingesting with Young Living oils!).

How many of you are sitting there wondering "What is all of this hype around Essential Oils and are they actually worth it? Do they even work?" Well I am here to help! & here are the reasons I love using Essential Oils in my home! I'll be honest, when I began using EO's, I was super skeptical and I have been totally surprised (for the better)!

Steven and I have been using essential oils for about 2 years and we have found SO many reasons why they are the right fit for our family! Who knows? - maybe they will be the right fit for yours!

Here's a few of the reasons we love using EO's!

  • They improve our mood and allow for a positive atmosphere

  • We have both found and easier time Sleeping and Relaxing

  • They are a natural and non-toxic alternative

  • They help me drastically with any migraines or nausea

  • They help heal skin irritations (my favorite is tea tree for acne relief)

  • They are a safer alternative to Candles and Incense.

My Three Go to Essential Oils

For Migraines I can't live without my head ease oil from Eden's Garden - I carry it with me everywhere I go and anytime I get a migraine I immediately whip it out! I would highly recommend this oil for any one who struggles with migraines.

Snag it Here

For the Best Perfume

I mix Allure by Eden's Garden and Coconut Oil from Eden's Garden as my daily perfume blend. I seriously can't get enough of the scent - it is like a warm Vanilla with light floral and spicy notes! Ahhhmazing!

Check it Out Here

For Cleaning the House, for Fighting Sickness (really for all the things!)

I love and swear by the Thieves Collection with Young Living . It is a phenomenal product and has a spicy yet sweet aroma. I love the Thieves essential oil for diffusing too! The Thieves collection from Young Living carries everything from toothpaste to household cleaner - I love this because it allows for you to make an easy transition towards healthier household products! I use the Thieves Household Cleaner all the time & it has helped me steer away from those nasty chemical cleaners!

If your interested in the Thieves product, my dear friend Lizzie is offering free samples with any purchase and if you order a Young Living Starter Kit, she is offering $20 back on your order! She is pretty amazing huh?!

Chat with Lizzie Here!

Okay Sweet Friends - I hope you enjoyed this sweet little post about my top 3 Essential Oils and if your an Oil lover, comment your favorite oils below!



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