Ollie's Doggie Gift Guide

Hello Buddies,

It's Oliver here. But you can call me Ollie. Today, I am taking over my mom's blog to tell you all about my favorite puppy things just in time for the Christmas season (and hopefully, my mom sees a thing or two on this list!) Let me know your favorites over on my Instagram post (oh yeah I hijacked that too)! Enjoy!

Here are my favorite things for my fellow Doggies!

1) Chewy.com - Okay, okay! This isn't an item, but my mom gets all of her favorite things for me from Chewy and get's great prices on every day items. Their shipping is quick and easy and they have a great selection from the comfort of your own home!

Browse Chewy.com Here

2) Personalized Pet Collar - My sister, Penelope & I have matching collars and mom loves them because they are reflective and has our names & phone number in bold print on the collar. So if we were ever to get lost, it would be very easy for someone to spot us in the dark and know our phone number!

Browse the Collars Here

3) Hide a Squirrel Doy Toy - This is one of my favorite toys! It is a big fluffy log with lots of soft little creatures on the inside! Purrfect for playing with all day long! & a great price for mom!

Browse the Toys Here

4) Antler Chews - Seriously, I can't get enough of these delicious bad boys! These chews are yummy and last forever, so mom doesn't have to keep buying me toys! Great for pups that love to chew up everything (like me!).

Browse the Chews Here

5) Waterless Shampoo - So this one my mom made me put up here - While I don't love being bathed, I do like the way this stuff smells oh so yummy like mangos! And after mom uses this waterless shampoo, I feel as if I just had a bath! There is no soapy feel and it is a quick remedy to when my paws are all dirty coming inside!

Browse the Shampoo Here

Okay friends, time to cuddle up next to my mom and take a nap...this blogging stuff is ruff!


Ollie Pup

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