Are you hindering your success?

Hey there friends!

Man oh man, I am so stinkin' glad you made you made your way over to my little corner of the internet. Today, I am getting real and talk to you about something we all struggle with, yet everyone pretends isn't an issue. It's the spirit of comparison.

And let's be honest, it is hindering our personal success...

While Instagram and Social Media can be so very helpful for connecting with others and finding inspiration, I know that so many of us struggle with the comparison of our lives to those perfect little squares. When I began blogging and sharing my design journey as Designer Grey, I allowed my fears and insecurities to hinder my ability to succeed as a designer, blogger, & marketer. I felt my inexperience and age in comparison to other designers made me someone that couldn't succeed, and I would constantly look for ways to blend in - rather than let my talents stand out. And what I realized, is that fellow friends and boss babes, we're doing the SAME thing to their talents and gifts. They would DULL their passions/talents in order to feel included. And they would fall into the trap of comparison and loose that spark that they once had to offer to the industry. This can be especially hard when you are trying to grow your following - seeing those other bloggers with 100k + followers and a growing business is hard when your trying your best to reach 500 followers. Girl, we are ALL trying to keep up with the perfection game and we are all failing at it, because we're HUMAN.

SO WHY DO WE PLAY? I am tired of the comparison game. We are all human beings that have our own special & unique talents that we bring to the table.

The best way to fight the spirit of comparison is to recognize it. I don't care if you are a mama, business woman, accountant, or hair stylist. This applies to everyone. So from now on - just picture me at the end of the race cheering you on because I believe YOU CAN DO IT! You can grow that business, get that raise, or raise those babes - and together, we won't allow the world to dull our passions and success any longer through feeling like you aren't good enough. You are someone that has been given those passions and desires for a very unique purpose & someone else's successes don't define your own.

So use those talents and let's change the world boss babe!

You're amazing & I believe in you!



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