Unbeatable Christmas Steals

Something that you need to know about me is I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Like for reals, if there is anything I am addicted to it is Tacos & Christmas! When I asked the hubs if we could decorate & he said "It's too Early" we were at a serious crossroads....SO I talked him into making a bet over my instagram @designergrey & if over 200 people liked my photo then we would decorate...

SPOILER ALERT: MY PEEPS ON INSTA ARE AMAZING! Not only did the post reach 200 likes in 4 hours, it topped off with 400 likes and 125 comments. This is yet another reminder that Instagram has the potential to provide a crazy amazing & uplifting community!

FAST FORWARD: Last weekend, we went to our favorite stores to scout out the best Christmas Deals - and guys I found the BEST STEALS & I am sharing my favorites with you today - and stick around for part 2, where I am sharing my personal Christmas home decor & how I implemented these steals!!!

SO drum roll please... here are my favorite


1) Walmart Flocked 4' Christmas Tree - FOR $25!!!!

Friends, RUN and grab like 10 of these bad boys! They are SO cute & I even have an upclose & personal look at it over on my Instagram highlights under "Grey the Elf". They also had a bunch of other options (also highlighted in my stories on Insta!)

To review this adorable guy, key points:

-he is so stinking cute & is a fabulous deal

-he does shed a bit (like one would expect with a flocked tree)

-something I didn't realize is it has glitter on the flocking, I have come to like it because the tree sparkles and it isn't ugly glitter

-the wood look base is heavy duty and SO cute!!!!

-he is NOT pre-lit


2) Kirklands Stockings - $12.99 each

So I purchased 4 of these Kirklands Stockings and THEY ARE THE CUTEST! They are a great size and I personally love to mix & match stockings so it was such a fun idea!

PRO-TIP: Kirklands has a app called "Spin to Win" where you can spin each day to win a coupon! I actually won a 20% off a purchase of $100 or more (SCORE)


3) Flocked Garland from Walmart - $5.98

This garland is so amazing! I picked up two of them and used them for my mantlescape. All I did was add lights behind- since they don't come pre lit - and it came out SO CUTE! The best part is you can add to the look and character of the garland by adding ornaments and lights so the basic flocked garland is perfect!

PRO-TIP: I would recommend buying two and stacking them, since it is a thinner garland!


Stay tuned for part two of this blog, where you will see how I implemented these bad boys in my Christmas home design! If you can't wait - head on over to my instagram @designergrey for a sneak peek :-)

p.s. i do not receive any compensation for the provided links - they are simply to help make the shopping process easier :-)


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