Christmas Gift Guide - Home Edition

Hello Friends!

Today commences the third of our #ChristmasGiftGuide series and I am sharing my favorite topic thus far! This one is for the home bodies, decor lovers, and Interior Designers (hint, hint Steven ;) of the world!

1) A Ruggable Rug

Oh my heart - I have been eyeing this amazing company! This company creates WASHABLE rugs - yeah you heard me right, WASHABLE! This is the perfect gift for all the people with small humans, pups, or just regular sized humans, ha!

I am linking my absolute favorite print!

Shop Here!

2) A Board and Brush Gift Certificate

This company is a favorite of mine - it is like a paint and sip, but instead you create wood art for your home! I have been a few times with friends and love hand crafting gorgeous pieces to hang in my home! This is such a special gift idea if you have one locally!

Shop Here

3) A Lavender Lane Co Sign

This small business hand creates custom laser cut wood signs made in Colorado and they are without a doubt the perfect gift to give this holiday season! They have so many designs to choose from that you will be able to find something meaningful and beautiful for that special someone.

Shop Here

4) Capri Blue Candles

If you have ever smelled the infamous Volcano candle, THEN YOU KNOW how these Capri Blue Candles are fabulous and worth every penny! They smell absolutely amazing and the candle design truly spruces up any home!

Shop Here

5) A Nutribullet Blender

These blender systems come in a bunch of fun colors and are so so functional for a gift. They are affordable for a blender and can be used for a ton of different things (my personal fave is milkshakes, ha!).

Shop Here

Thank you so much & I so hope you all are enjoying my Christmas Gift Guides!



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