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Hey there boss babe, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I don't know about you, but I have been itching to get my life a bit more organized...actually a whole LOT more organized! I have been decluttering all of those tucked away spaces in my home trying to get my life feeling a little less...chaotic.

Once I had the junk drawer and spice rack looking tip top again, I asked myself what else could use a good tidying up? Welp, next thing I knew I was scouring the internet looking for a downloadable calendar so that I could get all my thoughts and appointments organized. Honestly girls, I didn't find all that much that suited my needs.

I didn't just want a calendar that could be written in for the month, because with the hubs and I's busy schedule I needed something that could show me two months ahead of time, ya know? I also wanted something that had a note/to do's section because I am always jotting down things I need to work on. And last but not least, I needed something that had a goal section, because I always want to keep my goals at the forefront of my mind & not fade into the background!

So when I couldn't the perfect calendar...I let my inner creative come out & I made one. And so in the spirit of the New Year I am sharing my own calendar with you. This bad boy has been a lifesaver for my family & I hope he will be for your's as well.

To access this FREE printable calendar, simply click the link below & fill out your name & email. I will send the printable your way once your registered! Enjoy my lovelies & don't forget to tag #greysfaves with your calendar!

Gimme that Freebie!

Pro Pointers:

The above calendar is an image of the real one - make sure you click the link to get a high quality PDF :)

This calendar is optimized for 17" x 11" paper or ledger paper, but can be printed at any size.

Xo, Grey

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