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Hello All!

Today I am answering a little Q & A! These three questions are the ones that I get the most from my clients and I want to add a few words of wisdom into the mix!

1) What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

I LOVE this question! Because so many people think that a designer and a decorator is simply the same thing. The best way to explain this one is a interior designer is like a rectangle and a decorator is like a square.

A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square.

A Designer is a decorator, but a decorator is not always a designer.

A designer is trained, educated, and is able to work in both hardscape (the walls, flooring, etc) and softscape. I am more than a decorator because I am trained to look past the furniture and am able to consult on many more aspects of your home. While I am a decorator though Ethan Allen, I am trained to also help you with more than just your furniture selections and that makes my complimentary design services so valuable.

2) Why does your furniture take so long to come in?

This one is simple, it is because it is truly custom. This means that when your order is placed, we begin crafting your piece, not just grabbing an already existing frame off a shelf. It is made to your specifications and is unique to you. It is being made for your home and not just simply collecting dust and waiting to be ordered!

3) What does your design service entail?

It all begins with a simple design questionnaire and a visit to your Ethan Allen showroom to discuss your favorite pieces and brainstorm about your space. Then, I come out to the home: measure, floor plan, and bring samples to discover what the space needs. I will then create a unique design plan for your home, which includes floor plans, renderings, fabric, finishes, furniture selections, paint, custom window treatments, and anything else you desire. A presentation is schedule to discuss details and reveal your design! (Yes just like any good HGTV show!) Then, after your design is perfected, we get it on order! But the customer service doesn't stop there! Then, I continue to follow up until your piece is delivered, updating you on delivery time and giving you a personalized outlet for any questions/concerns. Then, I am in the home after delivery to help you set up all your new pieces and make sure everything is great!

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Email me directly at greyson.lohrey@ethanallen.com and it may be posted in the next Q & A with Grey.

Xo- Greyson Lohrey

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