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Q. What is an Essential Oil?
A. They are the most powerful part of the plant. Essential oils are the life-force of plants; basically their internal juices. They may be distilled from the seeds, bark, leaves, stem, roots, flowers or fruit of the plant.
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Q. Why Don't I Just Buy Oils from Target, Whole Foods, etc?
A. In the US, there is no rating system for essential oils. The closest we get is an FDA requirement that says that in order for a bottle to be labeled as “pure” or “therapeutic grade,” it only has to contain 5% essential oil. 5%! That’s craziness. When you buy oils from the grocery store, you run the risk of having 95% of what’s in that bottle be chemical yuck that you don’t want in or on your body. Things like fragrance, hexane, alcohol and other chemicals. They also are likely to contain pesticides, fertilizers or carrier oils (which waters them down).


Young Living is the only company with the Seed to Seal promise. This means that Young Living controls every aspect of the process, from when the seeds are planted to when the bottle is sealed and shipped directly to you. It’s a vigorous process. Each plant is hand-weeded, there are no pesticides used ever, no chemicals and no weed killers. The plants are harvested at their peak, and then put through a 9 step testing process.


Trust me. If you’re going to get your oils from Amazon or the grocery, you’re better off not getting them at all. Honestly.

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All You Need To Know About Oils!
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Q. Toxins in my Products?
A. First things first. You need the app called Think Dirty. It’s a free app, and once you download it, you can scan your regular household items. Your laundry detergent, dish soap, deodorant, body wash, face wash, makeup, etc. It’s really eye opening. It shows you the chemicals, fragrance, and toxins that are in your every day product. GUYS. I. WAS. SHOCKED. 
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Q. What is the Premium Starter Kit?
A. It is a beginners guide to Essential Oils. The kit has 12 oils, specifically picked by Young Living, that provide support to your entire body. 5 of the oils in the kit are vitality oils, which means they can be ingested and used when cooking!
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The 12 Oils Include:
Lemon Vitality
Thieves Vitality
Citrus Fresh Vitality
Peppermint Vitality
Digize Vitality
Peace and Calming
Stress Away
my favorite oil ever!
& includes a diffuser of your choice!
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journey with you friend! 
If you have ANY questions at all about Young Living, I'm your gal! This is a community and you are not alone!
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