ost days you can find me snuggled up on the sofa with my husband & three        husky pups, Ollie, Leo, & Pinna, binge watching our fave shows (any This Is Us

fans out there?!). I am an Interior Designer and Creative located in Fredericksburg, Va & love expressing my creativity through business.


Oh hello There!


When I’m not busy snuggling up with my family, you can catch me expressing my inner creativity through changing up spaces in my home. I am always trying to find a way to bring my creative energy into everything I do! I love bringing budget friendly and simple DIY's to my fellow friends & clients. Every weekend, we are constantly trying out new projects in our home to change up our space. 

I am mostly known for my creative nature, adventurous heart, and my love for others. I love helping them grow in their purpose & learn who they were meant to be (on the Enneagram scale, I am a 3 wing 2).

The things I am most passionate in life are all things interior design, essential oils, & of course, family!

Xo, Grey

Husky Snuggles.

Oh goodness, I can't get enough snuggles with my husky pups, Leo, Oliver & Penelope - If you don't like puppies, you've found the wrong gal!

grey's faves

ooh, let's do this cosmo girl style (it'll be fun!)

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I created a space where bloggers, designers, and creatives alike can come to enjoy quizzes, freebies, and so much more to grow their talents!



Interior Designer,
& Essential Oil Lover.
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located in fredericksburg, va
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